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Videos are popular content on Instagram, and the social network is constantly working on innovations. Developers try to make each video look as comfortable as possible from the phone, and for this they set strict limits. Uploading a video often spoils its quality or undercuts it, which negatively affects the original idea of the author.

To avoid such problems, check in advance how long a video can be posted to Instagram, what formats and permissions it should support. Today, we will look at the main technical characteristics, the problems that most often arise with reproduction, and possible solutions.

What video formats Instagram supports in 2018

IGTV supports only MP4 so far. Ordinary posts and Stories support all mobile formats: 3G2, 3GP, 3GPP, MOV. After processing in video editors or converters, you can download AVI, WMV, MKV, GIF. .; The social network itself recommends MP4 or MOV. .; More information can be found at Facebook help page . .; The social network supports videos with square, horizontal and vertical orientation.

Codecs and video sizes for Instagram in 2018

The codecs compress the video, and this directly affects the quality. The social network automatically worsens the picture, and shooting with a professional camera may not have the desired effect. Most existing codecs are ignored. The only one supported: H. 264. This is the most common option that can be read on all phones. For audio, the optimal option is 128 kbps.

For reference. Users add music to the video, often popular compositions of famous people. The social network, in the rules of the community and in its actions, constantly proves that it monitors copyright infringement. Such material is removed and details appear in notifications. Content can be recovered at your discretion by stating that you have the right to the composition and are aware of the consequences of illegal use. After that, the publication returns to subscribers.

Note: there is a chance of a ban. Add audio tracks without copyright. On the Internet, there are sites and social media sites actively tracking free music for commercial use. For Stories, the social network implements a special section with music that can be uploaded to its content legally.

Another parameter in the video is frame rate. It should not exceed 30 frames / s. .; Maximum vertical video size for IGTV Instagram:

  • 650 MB up to 10 minutes;
  • 3.5 GB up to 60 minutes.


The social network is oriented to mobile platforms, so it makes sure that all the material fits the phone screen as much as possible. To comply with this principle, stringent requirements are imposed, including those that the average user cannot yet control. This includes the bitrate - the amount of data transmitted per second or minute. The platform optimizes the videos and their quality drops. It is not yet possible to influence this. When downloading content from 1,000 kilobits per second, Instagram cuts the quality dramatically. Use a bitrate above 3,000 kilobits / s to maintain the quality of the video. The maximum allowed to download is £3,500.

Video resolution for Instagram

Minimum resolution for horizontal material is 600x315 pixels. Square: 600x600, vertical: 600x750. .; Maximum video resolution for Instagram: 1,080p. .; Aspect ratio:

  • Square: 1: 1;
  • Vertically: 1.9: 1;
  • 4: 5 horizontally.

Length of Instagram videos in 2018

The classic videos in the post last up to 60 seconds. It is recommended to shoot up to 30, because the viewer's attention is easily lost: he gets tired and moves on to the next publications. Therefore, the developers do not plan to increase the limits yet. .; A video of up to 15 seconds is added to Storyz. You can read more about it in this article. Video in Instagram Stories: Everything you need to know about their effectiveness It is. .; Live broadcasts last up to one hour. Recording is interrupted automatically. .; The maximum length of Instagram videos in 2018 in the new IGTV format can be up to 60 minutes for confirmed pages and celebrities. Ordinary Instagrammers can still post up to 15 minutes in this format. .; Users often complain about the short duration, and software has begun to appear on the app market that can increase it by a few seconds or minutes. .; Examples of IOS solutions:

  1. Continuous for Instagram . The app uploads videos for more than 15 seconds to Storyz. The only downside is the high cost. At the moment, it's £599.
  2. 1min + for Instagram . The tool allows you to publish videos lasting more than 1 minute. The cost is 459 roubles.
  3. Video Trim & amp; Cut . The app automatically breaks down the material to upload to Stories. The basic functionality is available for free, but some options are connected separately for a fee.

Examples of apps for Android:

  1. VidTrim Video Editor. Free version . Paid for 169 roubles . Breaks videos for Stories, increasing its duration.
  2. Video Splitter: Story Split . Free analogue of the first option.
  3. YouCut Video maker and Editor Without Watermarks. The tool was originally designed to handle YouTube content, but it also works well with Instagram videos. Available free of charge and without watermarks.

The main trick of such programs is to cut the material in 15 seconds and publish the snippets one by one to Storyz. This achieves a longer-term effect.

Where to tailor content to Instagram's technical requirements

Write down material for a social network to fit your needs: this reduces editing time and minimizes the toolkit. And if you can't do it all at once, you can fix it in video converters and editors. .; Examples of online processing platforms:

We wrote in detail about our work in editors in an article entitled "Video Processing on Instagram" and provided descriptions for each tool.

Popular Problems and Solutions

The main problems encountered by users are:

  • The video is not loaded and a green screen appears. Clear the cache and try to restart it.
  • Rewind does not work. Instagram does not support this feature, so the material will have to be viewed sequentially.
  • Brakes or doesn't play at all. Most likely, you are using an outdated version of the program. Update it on Google Play or the App Store.
  • The video is not even recorded in the new version of Instagram. Upgrade your operating system to address this problem. Most devices support this feature.
  • No sound. If it is provided by the author, click on the video or on the volume buttons.

Don't forget to update the social network app regularly: this avoids many glitches and problems. You may well solve some glitches with this. Also check the availability of the Internet. Slow connectivity also causes problems.

Summing up

Developers try to draw attention to content by limiting the overall duration, explaining that users are less tired. Some programs allow you to increase the number of seconds or even minutes, but they do so by small legal tricks, such as cutting a video into pieces and publishing it sequentially to Storyz.