instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The apps are convenient because the phone is always at hand and the promotion can be done at any time. Efficiency increases, the account becomes more popular. Referral programs can be connected and additional bonuses can be earned to attract followers.

Mobile Software Offers

Apps know how to whip up subscribers in a variety of ways. The most common way to attract bots is to attract a non-live audience. The social network actively blocks such pages, and as a result the number of your followers may decrease. Such promotion does not lead the target audience and threatens to ban the account.

In some programs, enrollment is free of charge. You collect points for subscriptions and likes, and then spend on promotion. The downside is that there is a database of unnecessary subscriptions that you cannot get rid of immediately. The system sets a deadline of, say, 1 month, during which time you will have to be signed up per person. Otherwise there is a penalty and you cannot use the platform until maturity.

Safety Recommendations

Here are some tips to keep your account safe:

  1. Be sure to check the Google Play or AppStore rankings to avoid giving your password and login to fraudsters. Read the comments below the score, look for reviews online. Check who wrote them: highly rated people or newcomers with a single utterance. Precautions will allow you to keep your account and not lose data from it.
  2. Check attached mail and phone numbers. Are they available to you? In case of suspicious activity, Instagram will reset your password and you will need any of the resources to recover your personal data.
  3. Comply with limits to avoid a ban or blocking action. Up to 60 people per hour can sign up for Massfolloving. This includes both subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

Referral Offers

It is not uncommon to find a referral system in recruitment programs. The algorithm is simple: you distribute a special link, new users register through it, and you can receive bonuses. Or there could be a code instead of a link. Examples can be found in the comments below some programs, when users suggest a particular combination when registering.

Instagram's Subscriber Cover: Android Apps

Enter the Google Play search bar and scroll down to Instagram and you'll be offered several options. Examples:

  1. Neutrino + .
  2. Follow for you .
  3. Fame Boom .
  4. The cover on Instagram.
  5. Promo Flow .
  6. Fast Followers Boost.

Pay attention to ratings and reviews when choosing a program.

Instagram's Subscriber Cover: iPhone Apps

  1. Layers for Instagram .
  2. Subscribers to Laika's Instagram .
  3. InstaFollow-Followers + Tracker .
  4. Instagram likes .
  5. StarLiker-Get Instagram Likes .
  6. EasyTags Likes on Instagram .

Summing up

You can download the app for scamming followers on Instagram from both Google Play and the App Store. Pay attention to ratings and reviews to save time and maximize account promotion.