instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Apps for likes on Instagram are needed by instagrammers who want to significantly increase the number of hearts on posts and thus solve one of the tasks. Today, we take a look at popular programs, their operating principles, benefits, and simple security rules to avoid losing your account.

How it works

Applications work according to several principles. The first is that a person puts likes for points on someone else's posts, and then spends bonuses on hearts for their own. And the second is that the user pays the tariff, and the system automatically does everything for him. The choice depends on the budget. In both cases, one cannot rely on the target audience.

Another popular way to cheat is to put the right hashtags. A third type of application looks for successful tags and helps get marks from people who really liked your post.

Why you need a spin

Pages spin to show their popularity and authority. When a user visits a page and sees that a lot of people like the material, the effect of its usefulness is triggered. He might even sign up and keep an eye on updates. .; If likes come quickly, it's a chance to get to the top of the feed. Instagram's algorithms will find the post interesting and promote it.

How else can you spin the likes?

If you need more ways to advance, take advantage of:

  • massaging;
  • Targeted advertising;
  • advertising from bloggers;
  • closed chat rooms;
  • hashtags;
  • Exchanges of scams.

Masslicing has an efficiency of around 15-20%. This means 20 users out of 100 will reciprocate. And 5 out of 100 can become your subscribers. You can put hearts either manually or entrust them to the service by paying a monthly subscription.

Targeted advertising is permitted by Instagram itself. With the help of Facebook settings, it can be very fine-tuned to the target audience.

Advertisements from bloggers will also bring results: a loyal audience will look at your profile, and, with a successful design, will appreciate your entries.

Paid private chats are created for the purpose of mutual liking. The participant throws a record, and the others must mark it.

People regularly check the hashtags and subscribe to interesting ones. The most loyal Instagrammers tick the boxes first. And the longer the record stays at the top of the tag, the more people will appreciate it.

Exchanges of scams lay out tasks, and performers like the customer. In this case, the audience will not be targeted.

Pros and cons

Applications take up little space on the phone and are always at hand, compared to programs. They work faster and more efficiently. .; Some provide free functionality. All you have to do is perform tasks and like other members of the platform.

On the downside: you will have a non-target audience. It will post likes for money and will not come again until there is a new task or payment for action. Promoting a brand in this way will not succeed, because what matters is quality, not quantity.

Instagram bandit. The social site is only for natural promotion and popularity, not artificially created. .; Don't buy an account on the exchanges. A professional eye will visually calculate the twisted likes when buying a page. Only newcomers will be fooled, but it won't always get away with it.

Recommendations for work

Here are some recommendations for safe operation.

  1. Download multiple apps and use them at the same time. This increases efficiency and saves time. .; Don't fall for crooks. Check ratings and reviews. Don't download files from untested resources, don't provide card numbers and numbers, and don't pay money if you don't trust the program.
  2. Cover in moderation. Instagram monitors this and deletes the most active accounts. There is no way to remove hearts: only the entire post.

By following simple rules, you can avoid blocking actions, bans, and other unpleasant consequences.

Download like-for-like apps on Instagram


  1. EasyTags Likes on Instagram. https: / / itunes. Apple. com / en / app / easytags-likes-on-instagram / id1280454009 .
  2. Laika's Instagram followers. https: / / itunes. Apple. com / ru / app / subscribers-for-instagram-likes / id1355533309 .
  3. Laiki Subscribers to Instagram. https: / / itunes. Apple. com / ru / app / likes-subscribers-for-instagram / id1403133046 .
  4. Instagram cover. https: / / itunes. Apple. com / ru / app / scroll-instagram-likes-guests / id1210410698 .


  1. Likes plus. https: / / play. google. com / store / apps / details? id = com. dreamdesignup. stats .
  2. LikeMe. https: / / play. google. com / store / apps / details? id = ru. appstime. likeme .
  3. Fame Boom for Real Followers, Likes. https: / / play. google. com / store / apps / details? id = fame. boom. get. Follow us here .
  4. Barks every day. https: / / play. google. com / store / apps / details? id = com. ad _ insta. android .

Summing up

Check ratings and reviews, and don't download suspicious files: this will protect you from fraudsters. Follow the limits of Instagram by putting hearts on others. Use apps to recruit subscribers when you need to increase the number without much concern for the quality of the audience.