The Instagram algorithm. Or when influencers turn on Instagram ads.. Instamer

The first messages to the Instagram algorithm are

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Before the Instagram algorithm everything was better

But of course not everyone likes the Instagram algorithm. Purely in terms of interactions, Instagram is the clear number one for businesses and influencers. When it comes to views and interactions with Stories, Instagram is the clear number one for businesses and influencers. Still, there have been waves of criticism of the Instagram algorithm. If you only focus on your interactions and follow developments since June 2016, many Instagram accounts have seen a decline in interactions.

Following are similar posts, articles and reactions as we know it from Facebook. With one difference. In addition to companies, many influencers also see a problem in the Instagram algorithm. The motivations are different. Once they arise from a long and intense use of Instagram. When networks change, it's often first-time users who don't like changes. # earlywarallsbetter

But with the rapid rise of influencer marketing on Instagram, there is a new group of people who disagree with the algorithm. But the motivation or the problem behind it is different. If interactions in my account are declining now, am I still an interesting partner for companies? These thoughts are fueled by various influencer marketing tools and guidelines that set benchmarks for interaction rates. Certainly, the rate of interaction is an important factor in selecting influencers on Instagram. However, the principle does not change and instead of starting from the number of followers, the interactions should always be considered in relation to the reach.

If you look at the Instagram algorithm from a different angle, it separates the wheat from the chaff. This applies to the entire influencer section on Instagram, but also to the individual accounts of the influencers. People who now interact with content are often positively influenced by the algorithm. They can identify with the content and convey to the algorithm that the posts are displayed as prominently as possible in their feed.

More interactions through Instagram ads

But the Instagram algorithm leads to another development. Increasingly, you see Instagram ads from influencers. Once for campaign content and once for normal photos or videos. However, the advertisements and the advertised content are often not suitable for advertisements, or the target is missing. Sure, for influencers, it's usually about more interactions for their content. But if the targeting is not defined correctly, the ad fizzles out and the paid engagement is of little value. The reason for this is the struggle for interactions and comparisons to other accounts, because otherwise you are no longer eligible for campaigns for companies. At least I have this impression and many advertisements confirm the assumption.

Incidentally, it is not uncommon for influencers to spread content on Instagram with ads in addition. There are usually two approaches. Companies also post the content on their Instagram accounts and promote the post. Since the influencers are not the sender, there is of course a different perception in the feed. Nevertheless, these types of ads on Instagram are often very successful. The second approach would be for influencers to advertise the post directly in their profile and have a budget provided by the companies. If a company or agency chooses this route, a clear plan should be defined and influencers should be provided with all the necessary information. You can't expect influencers to be Instagram advertising experts. Nor do they have to.

If you look at the development of Instagram ads, more and more companies will rely on different ad formats. Like the Instagram tool Schaut man sich die Entwicklung von Instagram Anzeigen an, werden immer mehr Unternehmen auf unterschiedliche Anzeigenformate setzen. Wie das Instagram Tool "I think it's going to be a tough game," he said, "but it's going to be a tough game. We're going to see a lot more story ads in 2018. Thus, more and more companies will present themselves via advertisements in the Stories section.

Influencer marketing hype puts pressure on

In all the years that algorithms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have accompanied us, I have never seen a development like this on Instagram. It wouldn't have happened without the discipline of influencer marketing. On Facebook and Twitter I only see occasional ads from bloggers. On Instagram, on the other hand, almost every day.

The Instagram algorithm. Or when influencers turn on Instagram ads.. Instamer

This is not yet the case with Instagram Stories, but competition will continue to intensify. Take in the feed

Instagram will not lose its importance. As with companies, however, influencers are also aware that dependence on a single channel is not an optimal situation. The same goes for a pure focus on likes and the potential impact of algorithms. Having your own website, blog, or newsletter (email, WhatsApp, ) is important and often it pays more to invest your time and money here than in Instagram Likes.

The Instagram algorithm. Or when influencers turn on Instagram ads.. Instamer The Instagram algorithm. Or when influencers turn on Instagram ads.. Instamer