Which platforms stand for the consumption of videos from the point of view of brands? YouTube? Of course. Facebook? Catch up. Instagram? Stories offer many possibilities. That's right, Instagram Stories offer many possibilities, but so do Instagram videos.

Instagram is also a video platform

L2 has analyzed the moving image activities of brands on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and the results show that when we talk about video platforms, we always have to talk about Instagram. Of the 7.2 billion video views analysed, 48.4% went to Facebook. Instagram videos, however, already generate 13.5% of views. For comparison. Facebook has 2 billion active users and Instagram 700 million Users.

We need to take a more nuanced look at the relationship between Instagram and Facebook and YouTube, because a view is measured differently.

More than half of the brands surveyed post videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Excluding Snapchat, 98% are active on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, where they share their moving image content. The days when there was a clear separation of platforms by format are long gone. In 2017, it is more important than ever to adapt its content for each channel.

The requirements for Instagram videos differ from Facebook and YouTube. When it comes to longer videos, YouTube is still the best choice. However, longer videos are also gaining popularity on Facebook. This is also Facebook's plan and at the same time a clear distinction to Instagram. Sports, own shows, even Facebook's own productions are set to conquer the News Feed. I can't really imagine that on Instagram and maybe it's just the demarcation that is needed to establish Instagram as a moving image platform for short videos.

As Instagram evolves, the plan works. With Stories, another format has been established in which videos play a decisive role. So when we talk about the biggest video platforms in 2017, we should always think about Instagram.

The top three video platforms are YouTube, Facebook and INSTAGRAM. Instamer The top three video platforms are YouTube, Facebook and INSTAGRAM. Instamer