For over two years, the order of content on Instagram feed has been determined by an algorithm. Since its launch, there have been the wildest theories and speculation about how the Instagram algorithm works. Now Instagram has launched at a Seit über zwei Jahren wird die Reihenfolge von Inhalten Instagram Feed durch einen Algorithmus festgelegt. Seit der Einführung gab es die wildesten Theorien und Spekulationen über die Funktionsweise des Instagram Algorithmus. Jetzt hat Instagram bei einem Event for journalists in San Francisco Speaking plainly and explaining the factors of the Instagram algorithm once again.

But new information wasn't really there, and Instagram continues to rely on three main criteria.

Interests, Current Affairs & amp; Relationships / Interactions

Credit: Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch

The three main criteria for the Instagram algorithm have not changed. The algorithm weighs the likelihood that users are interested in certain content. The higher it is, the higher its position in the Instagram feed.

One thing Instagram has been working on is the timeliness factor. So the timing of the release plays an important role and Instagram tries to place more up-to-date content prominently. This only works if the Frequency of use is taken into account. If you open Instagram several times a day, you don't always want to see the same content. Here, the algorithm has the task of displaying the correct content every time you open Instagram.

In addition, the Service life and the Number of subscribed accounts Crucial. If you follow a lot of Instagram profiles, the algorithm offers a correspondingly larger selection. As a result, the number of contents of individual profiles may decrease.

As with almost any algorithm, past interactions are crucial. Interact with content from specific accounts on a regular basis, increasing their visibility in your Instagram feed.

As these signals also determine the

Stories, videos and profile type have no influence on the Instagram algorithm

Instagram is also a platform for moving images. It has now been clarified that videos will not be weighted higher in the Instagram feed. If you expect a fundamentally higher range from videos, you can forget that. At least for now.

The same applies to the use of Instagram Stories or Instagram Live. This is not about the range of the formats, but about the influence of usage on the range. There has always been speculation that the regular use of stories also affects the reach of the feed. The use itself has no influence. But when interactions and relationships are enhanced through Stories and / or Instagram Live, it has a positive impact on the feed.

There are also no differences between private and Instagram company profiles. In particular, influencers have suspected that switching to a corporate account could reduce their own reach. According to Instagram, this is not the case.

40% higher visibility of content through the Instagram algorithm

The main reason for the introduction of the algorithm was that 70% of users actually viewed only 50% of the subscribed content in the feed. Did the algorithm work?

The adjustments in the Instagram feed are said to have increased the value to 90%. In the last two years, the number of active users has increased considerably and so it can be said clearly: the algorithm works.

In addition to visibility, the length of time spent on Instagram has also increased. So it's all going exactly as Instagram imagined.

This is how the Instagram algorithm works and the results speak for themselves.. Instamer This is how the Instagram algorithm works and the results speak for themselves.. Instamer