Thoughts on the future of Instagram Direct.. Instamer

Instagram Stories and the Instagram feed are usually in the foreground when it comes to marketing and communication on Instagram.

Instagram Direct is also a key component of the social network. How to share content on Instagram? Via Instagram Direct.

Instagram Direct is one reason for the success of Instagram Stories

How to share Stories? With Instagram Direct. How to interact with people and companies away from comments? Instagram Direct.

Direct messaging on Instagram still lags far behind Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in terms of technical capabilities. We know Facebook and we can expect Instagram Direct to be gradually expanded and improved for businesses. Whether and when there will be a dedicated platform like Messenger is written in the stars. What is clear is that the area of direct messaging for Instagram (and Facebook) is exciting from several points of view.

On the one hand, Instagram Direct increases user activity and dwell time. People are alerted to new content in the feed or in stories via direct messages. This increases interactions with the content and its reach. For example, the more Stories are shared and viewed, the more ads Instagram can play out in Stories.

We are familiar with advertising in Facebook Messenger and the way Facebook integrates the ads is, in my opinion, well solved. The disturbance factor is relatively low. The more people who use Instagram Direct, the more likely it is that we will soon be able to run ads here, too. There is no indication of this yet, but it is very close and Facebook is always looking for attractive placements.

Instagram Direct is dialogue and sharing

In the situation in which Instagram currently finds itself, ads in direct messages on Instagram may perform significantly better than on Facebook. But they could also be much more disruptive.

Thoughts on the future of Instagram Direct.. Instamer

Instagram Direct as a standalone app?

Years ago, Facebook separated the direct messaging feature from its mobile apps and introduced Messenger as a standalone app. Successful. The starting point was different, because Facebook has grown up in the desktop world and our communication takes place on our smartphones and primarily in messaging apps. Instagram is a mobile-only network from day one. A separation from Instagram Direct or additional access, however, are still conceivable. Instagram Direct as a standalone app. Or why not combine Instagram Direct with Facebook Messenger?

The introduction of voice messaging in Instagram Direct is not an immediate indication of this. But it shows that Instagram is starting to integrate typical messaging features. On the corporate side, it was mailboxes and ready-made responses (see Facebook). On the user side, it's group chats and voice messages (see Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp).

There was a test of Instagram Direct as a standalone app back in 2017 . At the time, the app was tested in six countries. Apparently it was more about a test of special functions. In any case, the app did not make it to the app stores of other countries. Until now.

How should companies deal with voice messages?

For companies, there is also another question. How to handle voice messages? Voice messages can of course also be sent to Instagram company profile. If the feature prevails, companies will have to deal with voice messages and decide how to handle them.

Whoever chooses Messenger Marketing has to deal with this issue. Not just on Instagram, but also on WhatsApp. Many of you may now be thinking: 's not a problem, but when it comes to processes, community management systems and support, 's voice mail is definitely a problem.

Even more dominance for Facebook in the messenger market

The messaging market is huge and Facebook is the leading player. But that won't stop Facebook from further strengthening that position, and Instagram Direct is a perfect fit.

Thoughts on the future of Instagram Direct.. Instamer Thoughts on the future of Instagram Direct.. Instamer