The social network TikTok is gaining in popularity. We are looking into whether businesses can promote their products there and how to do it properly. What kind of audience is there and how can you increase brand awareness or sales for free?

What is TikTok: Audience and Opportunity

TikTok is somewhere between YouTube and Instagram. The emphasis there is on visual perception, and the only type of content is videos. In the app itself, there are two feeds: one shared, where the recommended videos fall. Another is subscriptions: there you see the content of the people you subscribe to.

Most of the content in TikTok is dancing, various jokes, pranks, crooning to music, and so on. But there is also useful, expert, and informative content: for example, recommendations from psychologists, speech therapists, or language tutors.

In 2019, TikTok Audience exceeding 1 billion people. A according to data According to representatives of the social network, the average monthly audience in Russia is 8 million people, which means that there are still very few Russian users there. A report by the Internet Research Institute called "Child Runet." pointed out that more than 40% of TikTok users in Russia are under the age of 18. The social network itself targets the so-called Generation Z of young people born between 1990 and 2000. There are no more precise audience figures: representatives of the social network at one conference reported only that 58% of users were women.

To recap: the majority of social media users are teenagers and members of Generation Z, who are now under 30. Women and men are roughly equal. On the whole, the audience is quite solvent, so Russian brands are coming there more and more actively.

TikTok does not have as many business opportunities as other social networks. For example, there is no separate advertising cabinet. At the same time, it is possible to run advertisements and promote an account there, but it is not possible to insert active links into the description of videos. You can only go to a profile like Instagram, and then not to everyone, but only to those who have a lot of followers. And traffic from the social network can be directed to YouTube and Instagram, and if you add links to profiles there, they will appear in the profile as separate buttons:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

At the same time, TikTok promotes a variety of businesses, including mobile operators, shows, and online stores. In most cases, these are everyday goods and brands that are not limited by geography: for example, companies that can deliver an order anywhere in the country. It doesn't make sense for small regional businesses or companies selling complex products to go to social media; it will reach too large an audience, a small fraction of which will be needed. TikTok audiences are good at offering gadgets, online services and providers, cosmetics and other similar products.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to promote your TikTok account for free

TikTok's business account can be promoted as usual: shoot videos and gain subscribers. This will help increase brand awareness and loyalty, but it is unlikely to generate more direct sales. This is because users are lazy: they may find it uncomfortable to search for your company on Yandex, or go to your YouTube channel first and go to the site from there. When you have enough subscribers, you can add a link to UTM tags to your profile description and then track direct sales.

Promoting a company without a direct link in the profile is worth it if you want recognition and loyalty. For sales, it is better to use links.

Either way, before and after you add a link, you need to make user-friendly content. Think of a content plan: one that tells users about the product or mentions it without obtrusion. Or at least show your company's logo in the frame.

Study the recommended videos and understand which formats the audience responds well to. Usually it is videos with children and pets, dances and Challenges to popular tracks, fun. Do something that is also product-related. You can, for example, demonstrate it in action if it looks attractive and unusual. You can immediately specify, for example, where and how to buy the product:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Promoting an account is easy - you just have to shoot a video. TikTok itself will give you an audience. The fact is that the social network is based on a neural network. When you post a video, she shows it to those who are likely to like it. And if the video immediately receives a lot of likes and comments, promotes it in the recommendations further. So in TikTok, videos by unknown authors are sometimes shot and get 200,000 to 300,000 likes, while the rest of the videos have only 10 to 50.

For the social network to find your videos interesting and promote them further, help her to make sure:

  • ask simple questions in the video description or in the video itself, so that people can answer them in the comments;
  • encourage people to subscribe to you or post a like directly in the video;
  • Maintain trends, see which Challenges are now popular, and take part in them, too;
  • use popular hashtags, but make relevant content, don't use hashtags thoughtlessly;
  • hold raffles for valuable prizes: the steeper the prize, the more people will participate;
  • actively communicate in the comments until there are too many.

It is important for everyone to balance the interests of your target audience with those of TikTok's wider audience. If you shoot a video on something too narrow, you just won't be watched. It's also important not to sell out in every video - no one is interested, and your videos are not expected to be popular either. TikTok comes in to have fun: remember this and use the entertainment format, and show the product in between. You can even simply wear clothing with brand symbols or shoot commercials against the background of products, logos.

A small sum. Free promotion in TikTok looks like this:

  • the entrepreneur assesses the audience and its interests;
  • Aims to be present on social media to raise awareness or boost sales;
  • thinks through the customer's path to purchase, if necessary;
  • shoots videos for the target audience;
  • evaluates the effectiveness of videos and adjusts the content plan to collect more views.

If you also decide to go down this route, remember that it will be difficult to track direct sales at first. Not everyone will go to your Instagram account; some will find the site through a search engine. So don't aim for accurate analytics: it's best to plug in when you can add an active link to a profile description.

How to promote your business in TikTok for a fee

Free promotion to TikTok is a long game with no guarantees. If you need a result here and now, or if you need a certain number of Leeds, use a paid promotion. There are three ways to run ads directly, advertise a profile with bloggers, or set up a campaign on Yandex. Directive No.

Advertising directly

TikTok offers to run both advertisements in the feed and whole Challenges with the participation of popular tickers. To create any activity, you need a full-screen banner, augmented reality branding, and more. submit an application . And TikTok will still consider whether to work with you or not. More often than not, integration is available to big brands: first, social networks are more profitable to work with, and second, some types of advertising, such as Challenger, are expensive.

If you have a medium or small business, try running a campaign via eLama . The service offers to customize advertisements in the feed. It will be possible to choose the audience for the show and different purposes - for example, installing apps, converting or traffic to the site, on social media, and so on. In this case, your advertisement will be shown when the user flips through the feed. And people will be able to do the targeted action right away, look at the catalog, download the app, or whatever.

Advertising via Elama is easy to set up. First you select a campaign target and set budget limits, then you automatically place or place on selected sites. Then add information about the product and audience, and you can choose age, gender, language, and interests. The location is still limited to two cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg, so the regional business will not be able to advertise.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Then simply set optimization goals, upload your video or create a new one on the platform, choose a call to action, and launch a campaign. It may look like this:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Cooler integrations such as mask branding or mass challenge can be launched only if you contact social media representatives directly. But be prepared to pay good money for it.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

When you place direct advertising, you get a measurable and concrete result: a certain number of site visits, app installations, or purchases. And if you launch a challenge, there will be no measurable result, but it can increase brand loyalty or recognition.

Advertising through bloggers

This is when you ask a popular blogger to advertise your account. He shoots the video himself or attracts you and marks your account in the video description. Its subscribers and viewers see the integration and can subscribe to you. Or just look at the profile out of interest.

Ideally, if it is important for you to gain subscribers in TikTok, rather than direct traffic to the site.

It seems simple: search for a popular blogger, negotiate with him about integration, pay for it, and get traffic to your account. But there are pitfalls:

The first is the audience. Try to pick tickers with an audience that looks like yours. Conditionally, if you're promoting a car service, go to those who make videos about cars, not to a teenage girl whose main content is crooning to music.

The second is cheating. Bloggers can whip up subscribers to charge more for advertising. In fact, it will be ineffective. In TikTok, it happens that a person has 1,000 subscribers, and some videos get a million views and a lot of likes. If a ticker has 500,000 subscribers and a video has 1,000 or 2,000, it is clearly not worth turning to. By the way, the number of video views can be seen if you go to the profile:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The third is the lack of guarantees. No one can guarantee that a blogger will have a certain number of followers thanks to advertising. It's kind of a game of roulette. But you can ask the ticker for the contacts of previous advertisers and ask them if the integration has produced the expected result.

Advertisement via Yandex. Directive

TikTok is part of Yandex's advertising network. To run ads there, simply set up a text-graphics company. If your audience matches the audience on social media, an audio track will be superimposed on the ad and shown there.

But there is no guarantee that it will end up on the social media feed. The announcement will be rolled out at other venues in the RSJ, but TikTok cannot be chosen as the location.

To avoid draining the budget, try everything a little bit. First, post 10 to 20 videos and see how the audience reacts. Then try buying integration from a not-so-popular blogger, set up a small campaign via eLama and Yandex. Directive No. And evaluate the result.

Summing up: how to promote business in TikTok

Free of charge via an account. Take interesting audience videos and promote them: follow trends, use hashtags, communicate in the comments. But bear in mind that direct sales will be difficult to achieve at first, and even harder to track. Of course, you can ask every new client where they saw the campaign, but it will take a lot of resources.

Paid Advertisements via social media, bloggers, or on the Internet. Ordinary ads in the feed and Yandex. Directives are suitable for direct sales because they allow you to direct a user directly to the site. Advertisements from tickers will gain subscribers, and the launch of Challenges will increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Choose a way to advance based on the characteristics of the business. If you sell some goods, the decision to purchase which is made instantly, you can place advertisements in the feed. If you promote online courses, make expert content, and you don't even have to use advertising, the audience will find you. Sell something complicated, make entertainment videos that will attract a large audience, and direct traffic to a website or YouTube.

Test any change and analyze the impact of each step to see if you are moving in the right direction.