More Time Well Spent on Facebook and Instagram

For Facebook and Instagram, it is important that we use our time wisely in the two apps and not just let ourselves be sprinkled. That, at least, has been Facebook's motto since all the scandals and problems of recent months. Time well spent and meaningful interactions stand for it.

Facebook and Instagram have released two new features , with which people can see how much time they spend on social networks. First of all, a good thing. While Instagram has been showing you when you've scrolled through the feed for a few weeks (I've apparently never managed to), the new features go a step further.

Take a Facebook and Instagram break

In addition, notifications on Facebook and Instagram can be deactivated for a certain period of time.

Adopting YouTube's approach is right, but has the same problem. People need to actively search and call the function. This has even led to Privacy settings only partially works. Why should it be any different now? One option would be to communicate the settings offensively in the News Feed and to repeatedly point out the feature to people who have not set a time limit. YouTube doesn't do that and it would be interesting to know how many people actually use the feature. I suspect there are still very few.

The break from Facebook naturally also means a break from content and ads from brands and companies. Facebook accepts this and it has been assumed for some time that the time spent on Facebook will be reduced. The goal is to spend less time on Facebook and Instagram, but with more added value. In whatever form.

The deactivation of notification plays at least as important a role as the dwell time itself. Too often you get distracted by notifications that waste time and don't add value. On the other hand, notifications on Facebook and Instagram are of course important to keep people connected to the channels and keep activity high.

Ameet Ranadive (Product Management Director Instagram) and (Product Management Director Instagram) und David Ginsberg (Director of Research Facebook) say:

It's not just about how much time people spend on Instagram and Facebook, it's also about how that time is spent. It is our responsibility to communicate openly how the time people spend online affects them. We take this responsibility very seriously! The new functions are an important first step. But of course we will continue to work to ensure that everyone has safe, friendly and helpful communities on our platforms.

The information and features are just another step in Facebook's Time Well Spent offensive. I'm really curious to see how much Facebook will push this approach, how many people will use the feature, and what impact it could have on Facebook marketing. The new features already go a step further than the information on Instagram feed consumption. Now it's about how Facebook and Instagram get people to use the feature.

The functions are integrated into the settings. Already not the clearest areas, although Facebook has already made significant improvements here. The rollout is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Time for a Facebook & Instagram break: How much time do you spend on Facebook and Instagram?. Instamer Time for a Facebook & Instagram break: How much time do you spend on Facebook and Instagram?. Instamer