A branded content tool is available for Facebook and Instagram. While Facebook collaborates with high-reach publishers, the tool is often used on Instagram for influencer campaigns. The Branded Content Tool is designed to ensure compliance with Ein Branded Content Tool gibt es für Facebook und für Instagram. Während auf Facebook Kooperation mit reichweitenstarken Publishern durchgeführt werden, wird das Tool auf Instagram häufig für Influencer Kampagnen eingesetzt. Das Branded Content Tool ist für die Einhaltung der Branded Content Policy of Facebook is the basic requirement. But it also offers advantages for brands and companies.

Branded content on Instagram attracts more attention

On Facebook, branded content looks a lot like normal tagging. On Instagram it is different and branded content is more noticeable in the feed because it is visually different from other content. The number of

In addition, the branded content content links to the Instagram company profile. Thus, the mention of the participating company is not only in the caption of the influencers, but additionally in the Branded Content Note.

In some campaigns, however, it can still be observed that not all influencers involved consistently work with the branded content tool. Lack of knowledge should not be a reason for this, especially if well-known companies are behind it, which use the tool with other influencers. One reason could be labelling requirements.

Instagram stats for branded content

How many people are actually reached with the paid content? Once you use the Branded Content Tool, the organic statistics of the post can be viewed. A great advantage for companies and influencers communicate their own reach transparently.

In addition to the reach achieved, companies can also display further statistics on the interactions achieved. So what could it mean if influencers are against using the tool?

Branded content on Instagram also works for Stories. If you want to evaluate the content, the statistics are only available for 14 days. Saves the statistics in time.

Additional tagging despite branded content on Instagram

Labelling requirements are important, but in combination with the Instagram Branded Content Tool it shows how the topic is evolving. At first thought, one should assume that content that has been marked as branded content is also correctly labeled. The partnership stands out, even above the photo, and it becomes clear that it is a paid partnership.

What is happening now, however, is that branded content is additionally labeled. Not only in Germany. Influencers like Zach King also use the hashtag # ad at the beginning of the post. Other influencers waive labeling when it comes to branded content. Further possibilities and combinations have been created, which provide additional options and combinations for the actual simple topic. In most cases, however, additional labelling is not required. Both on Instagram and Facebook.

The term partnership was chosen deliberately, of course, because it conveys a different mood. If you want to play it safe, Branded Content also has an additional label. Branded content refers to the policies of Instagram and Facebook. But not to the statutory requirements.

As it stands, the Branded Content Tool will become the default on Instagram. The content is more noticeable in the feed, it can also be used for Instagram Stories and companies get direct access to the statistics of the content.


The most absurd labelling is a Instagram location called advertising . Advertising is located in India and is used for the labelling of content.

Transparency & Insights: Why more and more companies and influencers are putting branded content on Instagram.. Instamer Transparency & Insights: Why more and more companies and influencers are putting branded content on Instagram.. Instamer