More photos are posted on Snapchat than on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and, of course, Twitter. With Vine, I think Twitter has developed one of the most innovative social networks. Vine is popular in the US but has failed to reach the prominence and user numbers of Twitter and Snapchat. Twitter knows how important photos, gifs and videos are and has been focusing for some time on optimizing and increasing the presence of these formats.

While Twitter has gone its own way with Vine and Periscope, respectively, there is currently a test run in which the parallels to Snapchat are clear. Twitter is introducing new features to celebrities at the VMAs and the US Open. The features are available for photos, gifs and videos and allow you to edit Snapchat-style content.

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Here, runs the rule over photos, gifs and videos. A feature that clearly stands for Snapchat and is a unique selling point compared to Instagram and Facebook. Until now. I don't think Twitter is developing such a feature just for celebrities. While Twitter is increasingly relying on the presence of celebrities, YouTube stars and influencers on its timeline, features are becoming a success for ordinary users. For many who see Snapchat and its image editing options for the first time, it seems childish and doesn't fit the corporate identity at all. However, anyone who becomes active on a new social network also has to deal with the functions and use them for themselves. Guidelines may influence activities, but they must not regulate and restrict them.

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If Twitter were to publish the feature for all profiles, then companies should address this as well. It certainly won't be as prominent as Snapchat, but it offers plenty of creative leeway. Furthermore, you can differentiate yourself from other Twitter profiles and competitors via the options.

An exciting development at Twitter and if we take a look at all the possibilities, Twitter offers more options than almost any other social network. There is auto-play for gifs, vines and videos, there is the ability to post multiple photos in a tweet, there are pre-roll ads for videos (I don't really need them now), there are photo filters and now even new editing options. I like the more visual Twitter timeline and the variety of options. As with all changes, however, the broad mass of users decides on their success. For many first-time Twitter users, too much has changed and the once-sacred 140 characters are fading into the background.

Twitter in Snapachat Look- New Features for Photos, Gifs and Twitter Videos. Instamer Twitter in Snapachat Look- New Features for Photos, Gifs and Twitter Videos. Instamer