70 million Photos are shared on Instagram every day. Photos from the fields of fashion, DIY, food, sports, animals, celebrities, influencers and photos of companies. In addition to the mobile app there is also the 70 Mio. Fotos werden jeden Tag auf Instagram geteilt. Fotos aus den Bereichen Fashion, DIY, Food, Sport, Tiere,Celebrities, Influencer und Fotos von Unternehmen. Neben der mobile App gibt es auch die Instagram platform . But what possibilities does the Instagram platform and the Instagram API offer? On the F8 there was a session on the Instagram platform , which has dealt with both the possibilities, restrictions and problems of use.

The Instagram platform is very different from the Facebook platform. While Facebook focuses on Facebook login and the connection between Facebook and mobile apps and websites, Instagram focuses on published photos and videos.

What possibilities does the Instagram platform offer?

Read Instagram content

Via the Instagram platform, for example, it is possible to read out the most popular photos and videos and integrate them on websites. The advantage here is that the users decide which content they like and so a colorful mixture of content is read that appeals to visitors of websites. The context of the Instagram content must of course fit the website and the company. There is no point in randomly selecting popular Instagram photos and displaying them on your own website. Websites that offer an overview of trendy and much discussed topics, for example, should definitely take a look at this part of the Instagram platform.

Furthermore, it is possible to read tags / hashtags via the Instagram platform. We know this principle of social hubs, hashtag campaigns and mobile apps. The hashtag identifies content and / or participants and displays them in a social stream on web and campaign pages. The Instagram API could only be used to read public photos. If you want to integrate Instagram photos on websites, then you should not use all images indiscriminately, but pick the highlights. All images are displayed via Instagram hashtags and the hashtag search. Even photos that may have nothing to do with the hashtag, or that don't fit the campaign. Make a selection and choose the photos that best showcase your company and your campaign. The prerequisite for this is that the name of the user is always given and the Instagram profile is linked.

Interact with Instagram content

You can not only read Instagram content, but also interact with it. Comments via the Instagram API are possible, but there are a few guidelines. There are guidelines for the number of characters, hashtags and links used.

Instagram allows a maximum of 300 characters for comments, four hashtags and a URL. The reason for this is in the Instagram feed. Comments that are too long do not improve the feed. Users need to scroll more and thus disrupt the accustomed user flow. The same applies to links. Instagram does not support links in comments, so it makes no sense to place multiple links in comments. Actually, it makes no sense whatsoever to add links to comments.

Likes can also be assigned via the API. An important point, because interacting with users' content is an effective way to engage with 's fans.

Instagram Web Embed

The Der InstagramWeb embed introduced a few months ago and the figures are remarkable. 3.7bn Impressions were generated by embedded Instagram content in January 2015.

[Tweet] 3.7 billion Impressions by # Instagram Web-Embed per month.]

The Instagram Web Embed is ideal for websites and blogs that want to add user-generated content to their own content. Instagram photos and videos of users differ from company content. They enhance your content and are also an appreciation for the Instagram community. Similar to YouTube videos, both sides should benefit from the embedded content.

No spam, rules and restrictions on Instagram platform

If you use Instagram, you've probably already received likes from strange profiles. These Likes are not awarded for good photos, but are used as a kind of push notification for spam. This problem also existed via the Instagram API. Photos were randomly tagged with likes and comments. Spam accounts have randomly followed other Instagram users to generate more attention and reach. Of course, Instagram doesn't like that, and users certainly don't like it. This is why so-called rate limits have been introduced to stop just such spammy behaviour.

Piyush Mangalick has accurately explained the differences between the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Facebook is about distributing content, generating traffic and activating app users. Instagram is primarily about presenting and reading content. The interactions with the content take place directly on Instagram. The platform is not designed to copy existing Instagram features.

's regramming is not welcome

In the Q & amp; A of the session, a question came up about sharing on Instagram and apps like Regram.

Instagram is also no friend of apps like Repost and Regram. Through these apps it is possible to read your own Instagram feed, save photos and share them again on Instagram. They do not violate the guidelines, but they do not improve the feed and user experience. If companies want to interact with user content, they should post a comment, mention users and highlight the content on their website. Sure, you can share a regram from time to time, but it shouldn't be a regular part of Instagram activities. Better to publish your own good content and let take over.

Instagram is not just a mobile app. The integration of Instagram content is also an important factor. But always thank you: Keep the community safe!

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