The dialogue between brands, companies and customers in social networks is increasingly shifting to linked messaging apps and direct messages.

Service requests are sent to companies either by direct message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or customers directly use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to ask their questions.

Messaging apps instead of landing pages

This development is not new, but will take on a new meaning with the upcoming changes to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Facebook will end the days of push marketing in its messaging apps. This does not change the relevance of WhatsApp and Co., but it does change the way brands and companies approach their customers.

Will see more and more content and campaigns that do not require immediate action on Facebook, or lead people to a landing page. We will see content and campaigns that focus on messaging apps and initiate a private dialogue.

Facebook on the one hand prohibits push marketing such as the WhatsApp newsletter and on the other hand expands its advertising products for WhatsApp and Messenger.

WhatsApp status ads as next logical step

Ads for WhatsApp status are expected to be available by 2020. Also interesting in this context is the possibility to start conversations with people through story ads.

The Call to Action is already available for Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and Facebook Messenger. The next logical step is to integrate WhatsApp status as well.

But why is this so important? Brands and companies will soon find themselves in a situation where they can no longer bombard people with content in messaging apps, they can only react. For a reaction, however, an initial message to the company is necessary.

Ads in Stories are a way to start dialogs in messaging apps.

Ideal combination with sponsored messages

On Facebook, there is also the option to inform people about again. In the first step, we have a story ad that leads people into Facebook Messenger and in the second step, sponsored messages contact customers again and specifically.

It is also conceivable that there could be a counterpart to sponsored messages for WhatsApp.

Through the integration into the Facebook Ad Manager, an optimized display of the ads will also be possible. Similar to clicks or views, the ads on Messenger messages are optimized to guarantee companies as many conversations as possible in Messenger.

Both Stories and Messenger apps have nothing to do with the classic News Feed. The combination of story ads and private communication could give the ad format another boost and lead to a noticeably different approach to communication.

via Marketing Land

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