We recently reported on the testing of Instagram company profiles. Now, more screenshots have surfaced that further enhance the test, including Instagram stats for company profiles. The screenshots have been re-posted on

Instagram stats for companies What numbers are available

If you want to analyze the development of your Instagram followers, you have to rely on third-party providers. In the test, Instagram now takes on this task itself and provides companies with statistics on follower development.

As you can see from the screenshots, it is not only about the number of followers, but also about revealing demographic data. Instagram provides information on the age of followers, origin / location and gender distribution.

For example, companies can see exactly how their target audience on Instagram differs from Facebook and where the most followers come from. This information can significantly improve the production of content and the use of Instagram ads. We've been used to these stats from Facebook for a long time and it was only a matter of time before Instagram stats became available for corporate profiles.

In addition to demographic data, Instagram also analyzes published content and shows companies the most successful posts. The ranking is based on generated impressions. Not on interactions. The probability that posts with the most interactions also generate the most impressions is obvious. However, the overview saves time during evaluation and provides additional statistics.

Instagram stats for company profiles and interactions

Now it's going to be exciting and I can already hear the cries when the stats actually go online. More detailed statistics on postings can be found in the overview of the most successful Instagram content. These include:

's coverage of Instagrams

impressions of Instagrammers

Number of absolute interactions for Instagrammers

Demographic information on reach and interactions

Companies could finally use these statistics to analyze Instagram in the way they are used to from Facebook and Twitter, for example. As always, we should not overstate the statistics on reach and pay more attention to engagement. Nevertheless, the figures provide a lot of helpful and exciting information that is not yet possible in this form on Instagram.

In addition to the reach and interactions, the Instagram stats also show generated clicks. The clicks refer to the link in the Instagram bio.

Another statistic we also know from Facebook is the activity of your own followers. Say on which days my Instagram followers are active and when should I post. There are, of course, many other factors here.

As with company profiles, Instagram stats are a test. It is not known when and how the profiles and statistics will actually be published. There's a lot going on on Instagram at the moment and hopefully we won't have to wait long for the stats.

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<unk>'s Keep Testing: Instagram stats for companies in the test. Instamer <unk>'s Keep Testing: Instagram stats for companies in the test. Instamer