There has been much speculation about Facebook's ad network. Facebook, however, has barely participated in the discussions and, except for one Viel wurde über Facebooks Anzeigennetzwerk spekuliert. Facebook hat sich an den Diskussionen aber kaum beteiligt und außer eine short message on Facebook for Business you are still very covered. What is clear is that Facebook is not building its own ad network, but is relying on Atlas. Atlas was acquired by Facebook in March 2013 and now a completely new hält man sich noch sehr bedeckt. Klar ist, Facebook baut kein eigenes Anzeigennetzwerk auf, sondern setzt auf Atlas. Atlas wurde von Facebook im März 2013 übernommen und jetzt wurde ein vollkommen neu revised version of Atlas was published.

's new atlas relies on information from real people and describes cookies as outdated and not suitable for the mobile generation. 's people-based marketing expert calls Atlas the approach and one of the big advantages lies in targeting people on different devices. For Facebook, this is the next step in the Facebook ad platform.

Through Atlas, Facebook provides companies with the capabilities that until now could only be used for Facebook ads. The extensive Facebook user data can also be used for websites without being Facebook ads. Advertising campaigns can thus be precisely tailored to target groups and controlled more precisely both on the stationary web and on the mobile web.

Image Credit: Atlas (Screenshot)

On the Atlas website you can already find some publishers with whom Atlas / Facebook collaborates. Of course, Instagram is also part of the game. So far, Instagram has been reticent about ads. The integration with Atlas should bring more attention to Instagram among advertisers.

Important: As with Facebook ads, Atlas only works with anonymized data. Atlas provides companies with user data that is not linked to user names. Nothing changes for users, except that their data can now be used for ad campaigns outside of Facebook. The same applies to Instagram user data.

Thanks to Atlas, it should no longer offer companies problems in addressing their target groups on different devices. Sophisticated targeting methods, such as only Facebook offers, and real-time statistics make Atlas (according to Facebook) the most effective ad platform. Facebook is making a mark and is now offering companies and media agencies a product that has long been on their wishlist. Companies should not only use Facebook data on Facebook itself, but also benefit from the information on other websites and mobile apps. Dank Atlas soll es für Unternehmen keine Probleme mehr bei der Zielgruppenansprache auf unterschiedlichen Geräten bieten. Ausgeklügelte Targetingmethoden, wie nur Facebook sie bietet, und Real-Time Statistiken machen Atlas (laut Facebook) zur effektivsten Anzeigenplattform. Facebook setzt ein Zeichen und bietet Unternehmen und Mediaagenturen jetzt ein Produkt an, welches schon lange auf der Wunschliste stand. Unternehmen sollen Facebook Daten nicht nur auf Facebook selbst verwenden, sondern auch auf anderen Webseiten und mobilen Apps von den Informationen profitieren. According to re / code Facebook may be in negotiations with Twitter. Say Twitter could become a partner in Atlas.

Facebook, of course, expects Atlas to generate more revenue and more diverse use of Facebook user data.

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Credit: Flickr photographer Diana Robinson

<unk>'s new Atlas of Facebook & Instagram user data used for ads outside of Facebook. Instamer <unk>'s new Atlas of Facebook & Instagram user data used for ads outside of Facebook. Instamer