On Instagram, a redesign is taking place takes place. The aim is to convince more users of the platform.

Unlike Instagram, IGTV lets users create long video formats and share them with other users. On Instagram, the videos created can be up to 60 seconds long. IGTV gives users significantly more options with 10 minutes. Verified accounts can even post videos up to 60 minutes long on the platform.

What is new at IGTV?

Update for IGTV App: Can the IGTV redesign convince more users?. Instamer Update for IGTV App: Can the IGTV redesign convince more users?. Instamer

The user interface has been completely redesigned by the IGTV redesign. For each user, individual accounts are proposed by video producers that fit their own interests.

The app will also have a new section where new and relevant IGTV content can be found. In addition, the platform scores with a new and hands-free recording mode.

's new Discover section takes IGTV a step further, as the platform has so far only shown videos from accounts that are already being watched by users. In addition, until the IGTV redesign, only popular or popular videos were suggested. The new feature can fill the platform with more content and encourage users to use the app more frequently.

IGTV redesign at the story function

Users can now post their IGTV videos as a story, which other users view not as a still image but as a 15-second snippet. The new feature will awaken curiosity about the new story among other users and increase the number of clicks. So in the future, more accounts that regularly publish stories can look forward to more viewers.

The potential of IGTV

All these new features are intended to make the app more attractive to both viewers and video producers. However, it is unclear how many users actually use IGTV regularly. So far, no official figures have been released by the platform. The IGTV app has just over 1,000 reviews on the App Store and about 25,000 on Google Play.

Although the Instagram app has more than 10 million reviews on the App Store and Google Play, it aims to encourage more users to use IGTV.

Instagram has publicly stated that IGTV is the future of videos. So it's no wonder Instagram wants to exploit the full potential of IGTV. We are curious to see how the news will be received by users and what features the platform will introduce in the future.