The Explore section of Instagram is a popular but often underrated feature. If you want to discover content off the beaten track, Instagram Explore is the place to be.

Instagram Explore is of course also suitable for presenting your own content to people who do not follow your own account and do not come across the content via hashtags and locations.

Millions of people use Instagram Explore every day. The Discover section has now received an update, which

According to Instagram, 50% of users use the Discover area at least once a month. Constant discovery and consumption of content is an important factor in keeping people on the platform. Stories and influencers play a big role here and now the Explore area should also pay more attention to user loyalty.

New navigation for Instagram Explore

In the past, the Explore area has been adapted several times. Videos were increasingly preferred and topic-specific areas introduced. Now IGTV and Instagram Shopping are at the forefront of discovery. Clearly, both functions / formats are to be strengthened and significantly shape the future of Instagram.

Instagram Stories now in the Discover section

Probably the most exciting update is the

In another post we have already reported about it,

Videos are not only more noticeable, you also have several possibilities to place yourself in the Explore area. But videos are not enough, of course. Each area is individual and oriented to the activities of the users. People should discover new content that fits their existing interests. If you are not interested in cats on Instagram, you should not see cat content.

IGTV continues to be pushed

At the moment it is certainly not wrong to experiment with IGTV. The visibility in the feed is high, the views are increasing and now a more prominent representation in the Explore area is added. Those who do not produce IGTV content cannot be played out in the category. A clear statement from Instagram, which should surely encourage more creators and brands to produce content for IGTV.

All IGTV videos are instantly recognizable by the IGTV logo, which provides additional attention.

You should already find IGTV and Shopping in your Explore area. Instagram Stories are expected to follow in the coming weeks.

To the official announcement

Update for Instagram Explore: More visibility for Stories, Shopping and IGTV. Instamer Update for Instagram Explore: More visibility for Stories, Shopping and IGTV. Instamer