Instagram and Snapchat dominate the headlines, but now Pinterest is back with a milestone. An update on Pinterest user numbers has been published on the Pinterest blog. 150 million People use Pinterest every month. Pinterest continues to grow strongly.

Pinterest user numbers: 50% growth in one year

Active users have doubled in a year. Pinterest is growing and the number of stored content is also growing rapidly. Pinterest itself does not talk about content, photos, or links. Pinterest talks about ideas. 75 billion Content was stored on Pinterest. Interestingly, 75% of this comes from companies.

80 million of the 150 million Pinterest users are not from the US. This shows that Pinterest is no longer only relevant in the USA.

40% of Pinterest users are men

The same goes for the second cliché on Pinterest. Pinterest is just for women. Wrong. 40% of active Pinterest users are men. In absolute terms, that is 60 million Men's Pinterest users. This puts Pinterest on a similar level to Snapchat in terms of user numbers. You can't compare the two networks. The number of users is always an indication of how networks develop.

Particularly among male users, Pinterest was able to grow strongly, increasing its growth by 70% compared to the previous year. Pinterest isn't just DIY and weddings. Pinterest is also sport.

In addition to growing in the male target group, Pinterest is focusing on its own technology. Better suggestions from 's ideas, a

Pinterest improves its product, admits mistakes and grows into target groups that could not initially be reached. Pinterest is also very different from other social networks, and for good reason describes itself as a visual search engine for ideas and inspiration. I sometimes feel that Pinterest is not understood by at least as many people as Snapchat. Pinterest still does not communicate official user numbers for Germany. These figures are not always decisive, but they are often an important argument for companies.

What Pinterest said is that the number of users in Germany is said to have tripled. But since no official figures have been given, the statement leaves much room for speculation. Nonetheless, Pinterest is on the right track internationally. It is not because of growth, and when Promoted Pins are finally rolled out globally, the interest of companies should increase again. We still don't understand why it's taking so long.

Update Pinterest user numbers: 150 million people use the idea search engine Pinterest. Instamer Update Pinterest user numbers: 150 million people use the idea search engine Pinterest. Instamer