First of all: I assume that you already have some basic knowledge about the platform and already have an account. You should also have dealt with the various photo filters and possibly even use a few foreign apps to bring the images to a high quality level. In any case, one thing is clear: the more serious your channel is supposed to look, the less unnatural filters you should use for your images.

By providing your followers with regular updates, you are always in the conversation. Ask them to communicate with you. By actively incorporating Instagram Stories into your social media activity, you are tying your web acquaintances to your channel. Depending on how it fits into your schedule and how much communication there is between you and your built-up community, you can always follow live. As blunt and natural as you are about life, your followers and fans love to see you.

Link your Instagram to Twitter, Facebook and other relevant social media channels. This enables you to activate the Share function so that published content will also automatically go online there. This way you expand the activity equally, without much extra effort. Because: Links to other social media channels spread your content from Instagram all over the WWW. Don't forget: Despite the app's popularity, not everyone has an Instagram account.

Use Instagram properly as a blogger. Instamer Use Instagram properly as a blogger. Instamer

Skillfully speaking within Instagram


You can add a location to the picture in addition to all other information. If you visit a restaurant, watch a movie in the cinema or have taken some really great photos at the party recently, you might find some acquaintances about it. So you can also lay the first foundation for great crosspromos, because then you will soon find other influencers from your surroundings. Both always benefit from such actions!

Actively interact with other users

It's a great move when you add funny captions and then encourage people to join in. Here are a few suggestions with which you can increase this:

  • Finish the caption with a question:
    • What are you still doing today?
    • And how do you start the day?
    • Do you always have such cool ideas?
  • Respond to the comments of others and leave comments on other people's pictures.
  • Follow other Instagrammers. Don't forget to leave them plenty of likes and comments that match the content you post. Empty demands for you to follow each other are rude and are often deleted directly.
  • Also interact with other comments below the images.

It's basically the classic once-in-a-lifetime social interaction that can be easily transferred to social platforms like Instagram.

The 3 golden rules you must always remember:

  1. Label images
  2. Use hashtags
  3. Communicate