Social networks depend on people spending a lot of time with them. Dwell time, regular use and activity are the key to the success of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others. In 2018, however, something is happening that you would not have imagined a few years ago in this form and is more familiar from the gaming world. People are advised how much time they spend on social media. Included are Instagram and YouTube.

Take a Break: Take a YouTube Break

With his new Mit seinem neuen take a break from 's feature , YouTube wants to make its users aware of how much time they spend consuming YouTube videos and whether it would even be time for a break. This allows you to set in the YouTube app when you should be notified of your YouTube pause.

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Binge Watching is also available on YouTube and watching one video can easily turn into ten videos. While Netflix coined the term binge watching, YouTube and Co. are now telling their users that it's time for a break.

's time well spent and 's digital well-being are terms we'll be hearing more about in 2018 and in years to come. Together with Facebook's Meaningful Interactions campaign, this should lead to a more conscious and positive approach to social networking. Well thought out, but will the users play along? The video game industry has been working with hints of this kind for some time and keeps reminding users that they have been playing a game for a long time. Especially with mobile games and games for a younger target group, these hints are the rule.

Gaming and social media are similar in many ways, and people often don't realize how much time they spend on them.

Stats on your own Instagram usage

Mark Zuckerberg believes that adjustments to the algorithm will reduce the time spent on Facebook. On Instagram, you take a different path. Instagram will be available to all users Mark Zuckerberg geht davon aus, dass sich die Verweildauer auf Facebook durch Anpassungen am Algorithmus reduzieren wird. Auf Instagram geht man einen anderen Weg. Instagram wird allen Nutzern Statistics on your own Instagram usage display. This includes how much time you spend on Instagram. The combination of Instagram Stories and feed is indeed a time killer. Push notifications do the rest, encouraging people to open the app over and over again. This leads to FOMO: Fear of Missing out.

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With Instagram Stories only available for 24 hours, FOMO is rising again. The statistics on Instagram usage could encourage people to spend more time on Instagram. But at the same time, a feature like Stories aims to get us to Instagram as often as possible.

You've seen it all: check back on Instagram later.

In addition to the statistics on Instagram usage, there will be an additional Neben den Statistiken zur Instagram Nutzung, wird es einen zusätzlichen Note on Instagram feed , too. The notice appears when you have viewed all the content of the last 48 hours in the feed. On the one hand, it goes back to the more conscious use of Instagram. In addition, it also tells people that no content will be removed by the Instagram algorithm. Only the order of the contents will change.

Use social networks more consciously

In the first step, personal information is important for use. YouTube's option goes a step further. What's missing now is a different way of dealing with push notifications. Facebook, in particular, has a plethora of (meaningful and pointless) notifications. This does not fit with 's time well spent, but often provides the exact opposite. However, we must not forget, of course, that there are always two. One is social networks and the other is us, who can still decide for ourselves when we use social media and when we don't. But it's not always easy. "I think it's going to be a tough game," he said.

Use social networks more consciously: More social media free time thanks to new features from YouTube and Instagram.. Instamer Use social networks more consciously: More social media free time thanks to new features from YouTube and Instagram.. Instamer