What content do users of companies want to see on social networks? There is a clear answer: products. Anyone who is currently working on their content strategy must always ask themselves why people connect with companies in social networks? Because they like the products. Products work on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest and also on Instagram.

Product photos make for the most interactions on Instagram

When it comes to companies on Instagram, there is always a lot of talk about the imagery. That is true, but it does not exclude the staging of products. On the contrary. The products are at the heart of Instagram's imagery. Wenn es um Unternehmen auf Instagram geht, wird immer viel von der Bildsprache gesprochen. Das ist richtig, schließt die Inszenierung von Produkten aber nicht aus. Im Gegenteil. Die Produkte stehen im Kern der Instagram Bildsprache. Olapic and L2 have examined the 200 most successful Instagram posts by companies. 65% of the most successful Instagram photos focus on products. Of course, the photos have to be adapted to Instagram and to the needs of your own customers, but it is no problem to work with products on Instagram. On the contrary, you should work with your products and see other content such as events, sweepstakes and topics only as a supplement.

Only 3% of the most successful Instagram posts are sweepstakes and not a single sales post has made it into the top 200. Yeah!!!

This is an important finding, which once again makes it clear: it is about the products and not about offers, discounts, or the like. Collaborations with influencers and celebrities work very well on Instagram, but they don't come close to well-staged product photos. At least not if they are published through a corporate account. However, the analysis confirms how well influencers and their own products go together. That is why influencer marketing and influencer campaigns should always focus on your own products. The task of influencers is to communicate products in their own image and speech, not to share selfies of themselves with inconsequential descriptions. Influencers are role models and their followers are inspired by the published photos. This will lead to other users taking photos of company products and posting them on Instagram in the same way.

Sweepstakes fizzle out on Instagram

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I'm also pleased that Regrams (shared directly via Regram apps) perform worse. Instagram is not giving up a way to share photos for no reason. Although there is Instagram Direct, shared images end up in the private inboxes of Instagram users and not in the Instagram feed.

Don't think in actions on Instagram. Present and stage your products and combine them with lifestyle themes. That's why people follow you on Instagram and that's what they expect from you.

What content generates the most interactions on Instagram?. Instamer What content generates the most interactions on Instagram?. Instamer