1 billion People use Instagram and 400 million of them also use Instagram Stories (how can you not use Stories?). Instagram company profiles publish at least one Instagram Story per month. The more

Instagram Stories with more and more impressions

Instagram will do everything it can to further establish Stories not only among its users, but also among businesses. Be it through better integration into company profiles, a connection to Facebook Stories, or additional mentions in the feed.

How Socialbakers found out , Instagram Stories already account for over a third of the generated impressions of company profiles on Instagram.

Against the background that 50% of companies do not yet use Stories, it shows how large the share is and how fast it continues to grow. In February 2018, the figure was 19%. The number of impressions has doubled in six months.

Stories continue to be the format of the hour on Instagram and the ability to link Stories with hashtags, locations and other accounts offers many opportunities for businesses.

Instagram content is still dominated by the feed

If we compare the number of stories with the number of published company content in the News Feed, the content in the News Feed still prevails. Wenn wir einmal die Anzahl von Stories mit der Anzahl von veröffentlichten Unternehmensinhalten im News Feed vergleichen, überwiegen noch die Inhalte im News Feed. Socialbakers had already analyzed the relative distribution once and Instagram Stories came to 46% and the feed to 54%.

The importance of Instagram Stories is becoming increasingly clear to companies and there is no way around the format on Instagram. This can also be seen clearly in the activity of companies and the impressions achieved. Stories are getting more and more impressions and are rapidly approaching the feed impressions.

Of course, the Instagram algorithm (feed) is also criticised by many different sides. Stories are Instagram's way of getting a lot of visibility in a different way. Even if the rating of content in the feed and Instagram Stories is different, they should be included in the overall rating of Instagram. Instagram is the feed and the Stories section, and a single viewing becomes increasingly inaccurate in 2018, leaving out many elements.

Companies that find a good mix of feeds, stories and influencers on Instagram are at an advantage. Stories will continue to gain in importance and as it stands, the feed will lose in importance.

However, it is also highly conceivable that Instagram will continue to adjust its criteria for the arrangement as the number of Stories increases. The Instagram Stories algorithm will play a role in the future. But that shouldn't surprise anyone any more.

[Article was originally published on Oct. February 2018 and published on 20. updated July 2018.]

When will the feed be replaced? Companies achieve 37% of their impressions on Instagram with Stories.. Instamer When will the feed be replaced? Companies achieve 37% of their impressions on Instagram with Stories.. Instamer