Who's next? Instagram continues to crack down and shut down follower bot Mashable.. Instamer

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It was the end of Insagress.


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Instagress was just the beginning

Instagress was widely used, but of course not the only tool of its kind for Instagram. The iOS App Store rankings, for example, show the demand for tools of this kind. There are a plethora of similar apps here. All pursue the same goal, differ in their characteristics, prices and functionality.

Instagress has been discontinued. The king is dead. Long live the king. Like Booster for Instagram is comparable to Instagress and ranks 26th in the iOS download charts in the US Before WeChat, Line, Periscope or YouNow.

In Germany, Likes for Instagram is even better positioned and ranks tenth in the social networking category. Especially LinkedIn.

Instagram's crackdown on Instagress has been well received in the community. But it has also been made clear that this is just one of many. In the last few days, it has now been revealed that Instagress is not the only service that has been officially forced to discontinue its service by Instagram. Instagram continues to crack down.

Instagram shuts down followers and like bots, ending for messengers

Another popular follower and Like Bot was Mashable. If you go to the website now, you will find a similar message as on Instagress.

Again, this is just a service. Instagram has the follower bots on the screen for good, and anyone who runs such a service must expect Instagram to step in and shut down the service every day. I expect Instagram will do the same. Either directly as with Instagress and Massplanner or by customizing your own API. Like a limitation of possible likes.

In various groups and forums, Instagram has been praised and criticized for shutting down Mashable. If such a service is closed, the questions about alternatives come directly. At the moment there are more than enough alternatives. But if Instagram continues to crack down on followers and Instagram Like bots, it could also send a clear signal to the industry, and that was urgently needed.

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Who's next? Instagram continues to crack down and shut down follower bot Mashable.. Instamer Who's next? Instagram continues to crack down and shut down follower bot Mashable.. Instamer