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Instagram has a web view, but is essentially a mobile app. As a result, Instagram does not have a web upload. This is no problem for users. However, many companies and tool providers want a web upload to relieve the daily work and community management on Instagram. Why doesn't Instagram offer this option?

From a company perspective, the desire is understandable. Tools have been set up that are used to manage social media channels. With Instagram, another channel has now been added, but it cannot be managed with the tools. A web upload would facilitate the work of companies and agencies, but would also have a significant impact on published content.

Instagram has, in my opinion, deliberately refrained from uploading in order to enhance the charm and uniqueness of the platform. A web upload would mean that we would see a lot of content on Instagram that has nothing to do with mobile usage, perspective and approach. Of course, companies edit many of their Instagram photos before they are published. Nor is that the problem. The problem will be the companies and Instagram accounts that share flyers, coupons and similar web content one-on-one on Instagram. We don't want to see that and the users don't want to see that.

With Mit Gramblr and Latergram there are tools that offer an automatic upload or a web upload. Here, however, it must be said quite clearly: und Latergram gibt es Tools, die einen automatischen Upload bzw einem Web-Upload anbieten. Hierbei muss man aber ganz klar sagen: Instagram does not allow web uploads . So if you choose Gramblr, you must also be aware of the risk that either photos will not be published, or even your Instagram account will be blocked. . Wer sich also für Gramblr entscheidet, der muss sich auch dem Risiko bewusst sein, dass entweder Fotos nicht veröffentlicht, oder sogar der Instagram Account gesperrt wird. Latergram works around this problem by working with their own mobile app. For example, mail is sent only indirectly via Latergram.

Latergram thus complies with Instagram's guidelines and only manages images and descriptions. The upload is via Instagram. This is not the case with Gramblr and we advise you to keep your hands off it.

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Although the effort on Instagram may be a little higher, work with the manual upload. Do not use Instagram to distribute content from the web to Instagram. That doesn't fit the imagery of Instagram and won't help your profile. Another advantage of mobile uploading is that you spend more time on Instagram. You become more familiar with the features and options and most importantly, you act like users.

There is another point in the Terms of Use that points out the problematic contents:

You shouldn't: Use Instagram as a generic image hosting service for banner advertisements, graphics, etc. And that would be the consequences of a web upload.

It's not a problem for Instagram so far. 70 million Photos are published daily. Even without web upload.

Photo Credit Flickr: Photographer Adrian Korte

Why Instagram doesn't need a web upload.. Instamer Why Instagram doesn't need a web upload.. Instamer