shows its users which subscribed accounts are most frequently displayed in the feed and which accounts have been least interacted with. First of all an interesting feature, but why does Instagram provide this information?

Why Instagram wants us to clean up our subscribed accounts. Instamer

When Instagram releases a new feature, I always wonder how users will use it, what opportunities will arise for businesses, and what Instagram intends to do with the feature.

Advertising the most visible and least visible accounts in the Instagram feed is about more than just information. Should people clean up their feed and follow accounts? Or is it a matter of bringing relevant accounts, which are rarely displayed in the feed, back into the user's memory?

The fact is, if you look at the list of accounts with the fewest own interactions, it is still profiles that are played out in the feed. So if content is displayed in the feed but you don't interact with it, the accounts could be tracked because they don't publish relevant content.

Instagram use: interaction or just passive consumption

Relevance and high engagement is an important factor for Instagram. On the other hand, users may just want to watch 's content without wanting to interact with them.

The lists are permanently updated by Instagram and always refer to interactions, the number of posts in the feed and reactions on Instagram Stories.

The connection between interactions in the feed and in Stories is thus once again confirmed by Instagram, which was no secret either.

Maintaining your own social channels is not just about publishing content. It is also about adapting and optimizing your own feed. Always in interaction with the algorithms.

So you can definitely recommend to look at the accounts you do not interact with and remove them. Marie Kondo for Instagram.

Too much irrelevant content in the feed

Of course, this can and will also affect accounts of brands and companies. From the point of view of companies, an impression in the feed with interactions is worth considerably more than an impression without interaction. Even if you do not interact with the content, it is perceived. # followerprinciple

However, the perception of content is not always positive. If people feel disturbed by corporate content, then following it is even important. The combination of too much and irrelevant content is the main reason why people no longer follow companies. But that doesn't require a new Instagram feature.

Instagram itself speaks of a Instagram selber spricht von einer Managing your own followers . The way the feature is structured, administration primarily means no more follow .

Why Instagram wants us to clean up our subscribed accounts. Instamer

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There are always 50 Instagram accounts listed. If an account is removed, the list will be updated immediately.

In theory, companies could also use the feature to clean up their followers. Another possibility would be to check which influencers you might not have interacted with for a long time and whether it might not be time for a like and comment again.

However, the feature is primarily aimed at private users. The effects for companies are thus also effected by the activity or the following via the function.

For Instagram, higher engagement usually means higher user activity and dwell time. If the relevance of the content in the feed increases, then these are two logical consequences. So it's definitely in the spirit of Instagram that people clean up their follower list. Oh no, manage.

Why Instagram wants us to clean up our subscribed accounts. Instamer Why Instagram wants us to clean up our subscribed accounts. Instamer