Even over the Easter holidays there is no rest. Via a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that Facebook, the most successful mobile photo platform Instagram, will take over for $1 billion.

We're excited to announce something very big: Instagram + Facebook We’re excited to announce something very big: Instagram + Facebook bit.ly / Hslpv2

Instagram (@ instagram) April 9, 2012

Why is Instagram worth so much to Facebook, or what does Facebook expect from the acquisition?

Basically, you can name one reason: Facebook Mobile!

Image Credit With Instagram, or rather the technology and user information, Facebook wants to further expand its mobile strategy and optimize and personalize the mobile user experience. Similar to it with Facebook möchte mit Instagram, oder besser der Technologie und den Nutzerinformationen, seine mobile Strategie weiter ausbauen und das mobile Nutzererlebnis optimieren und noch individueller gestalten. Ähnlich wie es bei Friendfeed and

The combination of Facebook and Instagram employees who specialize in the development of mobile apps will ensure that both the official Facebook mobile apps are improved and new products and opportunities are created for external developers.

In conjunction with location-based information, Facebook is striving towards one goal: to bring the mobile user experience ever closer to the stationary version of Facebook, taking full advantage of all the advantages and special features that mobile apps offer.

On this topic has also Zu diesem Thema hat sich auch Robert Scoble on Quora And he talks about the photo graph. The

Taking snapshots and photos is one of smartphone users "favorite activities. Instagram combines this with personal information. Which people do I follow? Which hashtags do I lend to my photos? Where do I take my photos?

Photos are a guarantee of success for Facebook

It has often been emphasized the influence photos have on the success of Facebook. Flickr was ousted from the top spot some time ago and Facebook is by far the largest photo platform on the net. The ability to mark friends in a photo was the initiator of this success. Photos get the most attention in the newsfeed and generate on average more interactions than other postings.

If you look at these facts, the acquisition of Instagram has been a really good move by Facebook. Facebook will have a team that has focused exclusively on photos and mobile technologies for the past two years, as well as important information that will enable a more personal and targeted presentation.

Why is Instagram worth $1bn to Facebook?. Instamer Why is Instagram worth $1bn to Facebook?. Instamer