The number of followers is always a measure of success. What you know Die Anzahl der Follower ist immer ein Gradmesser des Erfolgs. Das wissen Influencers like wie Chany Dakota and, of course, companies that use social media for their purposes. But how do you get to the numbers that make you and your company look good?

They could: Sie könnten the number of your Instagram followers In an honest way, raise your profile through a thoughtful strategy, smart goals, great content and exemplary interaction with your audience. On the other hand, you could also briefly and painlessly hit the dark side of Instagram marketing.

You can buy Instagram followers, too.

We have created a bogus account to test this tactic ourselves and see if it's worth it (spoiler alert: it's absolutely worth it if you prefer a target audience of spambots spreading softcore pornography).

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Why buy Instagram followers?

Brands, celebrities, influencers and even politicians are said to have burnished their social media stats with fake followers.

Why are they doing this?

It's always about perception. Many people first look at the number of followers when considering whether to follow a particular account. This value is a

Have you ever thought about buying Instagram followers yourself? Maybe it's because you want to quickly gain 1,000 followers to get the ball rolling. And you might think that these fake followers are encouraging real people to get involved with your brand. While it's all very well to focus on quality over quantity, many people judge an Instagram account by its number of followers.

It is also easy and inexpensive to buy Instagram followers, as you will soon learn.

How to buy Instagram followers

First of all, we should note that there is a fundamental difference between explicit buying of followers and the rather loosely defined practice of

Instagram automation, for example, involves a bot giving likes and leaving comments on your behalf. If you want to know more about this rather unwise method, read our post.

Buying followers on Instagram, on the other hand, is straightforward: you link your account to a corresponding service, pay for it, and then watch your follower count grow.

It doesn't have to be too expensive. Many of the mentioned services charge about $3 for every 100 new followers. On the other hand, you get exactly what you paid for, and in most cases these are bots and zombie accounts (i.e. non-active accounts taken over by bots).

There are also more expensive alternatives that charge upwards of $1,000 for 10,000 followers. These services maintain active accounts that interact with your account.

Some tools follow other users on your behalf in the hope that they will return the favor. When ordering, you will be asked what type of account you want to follow. Criteria such as location, hashtag usage, similar accounts and gender are queried here. After a pre-determined time, the bot will automatically follow those users who have not followed you.

At least in theory, the Instagram follower tool we tried didn't do any of those tasks. Our bogus account never followed another account, neither that of a bot nor that of a real user.

This happened when we decided to buy Instagram followers

We opted for a tool that promised us 1,000 followers for just $9.95.

To link to our account, we only had to use our username Um unser Konto zu verlinken, mussten wir nur unseren Nutzernamen @ fruitless.strategy and pay with a prepaid Visa card. (No one in our office wanted to extract his bank details for such a nefarious purpose.)

Then, at 11.41am on a Tuesday, we clicked on the Now Followers Get button and opened the Instagram app to see what was happening.

The number of our followers grew almost immediately from zero to twelve. Every time we updated the app afterwards, a few new followers were added.

Two hours after the experiment started, we already had 412 new fans. At that point we decided to post a photo because we wanted to see how dedicated our followers were.

The result was exactly what we expected: nothing. Neither a like nor a comment.

By midday the following day, we had over 1,000 followers, but still not a single interaction. Even months later, no follower double-tapped us.

You want to buy Instagram followers? That's the result!. Instamer

So who were these mysterious users who followed us so quickly?

It was a bizarre mix of teenagers with topless selfies, accounts without a single post, and lots of bots trying to turn us into webcam porn. That's not exactly the audience you want to be associated with as a brand.

What really surprised us, however, was that the number of our followers was more or less always around 1,000, with variations of 50 plus or minus depending on the week.

You want to buy Instagram followers? That's the result!. Instamer

Once a certain number of followers disappear, probably because their accounts have been deactivated, the tool ramps up and replenishes the stock. Only the quality of followers never improves.

In this respect, we obtained very different results than with the

Bonus : Download thisfree guide Discover how you can increase social media interaction through improved audience analysis, more accurate customer engagement and Instamer's easy-to-use social media software.

So if you only want a stable follower-following relationship, you can work with such tools. But buying followers does not only have the disadvantage that there are no interactions at all.

Why you shouldn't buy Instagram followers

With such a purchase, you get exactly what you paid for: a number. However, these followers will never like any of your posts and will not leave comments. You also run the risk of getting caught. Even if you have real fans, anyone who takes a closer look at your follower list can quickly spot the fake and inactive accounts.

Such abbreviations endanger the integrity of your brand. When you buy Instagram followers and your real customers find out, you can no longer expect to be trusted.

You only have to imagine the situation the other way round: Suppose you hire a social media influencer to promote a product of your company. After nothing has happened for a while, take a closer look at the profile of the said influencer and notice that the majority of his ostensibly loyal fans are actually bots. Would you like to continue working with this person?

Of course not.

What is more valuable to your company: 10,000 fake followers or 100 real followers who comment on your posts and possibly share them with their own networks?

There are:

One way to measure interactions is to calculate your interaction rate. Count the likes and comments your posts receive in a given reporting period, for example, for your last ten posts. Divide this number by the number of your followers. Multiply the result by 100 and you know your interaction or engagement rate.

Here again a short version:

Number of likes + number of comments / number of followers x 100 = interaction rate

With this metric, you can verify in a serious way how well your Instagram strategy works and whether your target audience can make a difference with your content.

How to increase the number of your Instagram followers in the right way

Get to know your target group as accurately as possible. Interact with her and share great content - these are the key elements of a successful Instagram strategy. Our guide Lernen Sie Ihre Zielgruppe so genau wie möglich kennen. Interagieren Sie mit ihr und teilen Sie tolle Inhalte – das sind die wichtigsten Elemente einer erfolgreichen Instagram-Strategie. Unser Leitfaden How to find more Instagram followers describes in more detail what you need to do to discover followers who also interact with your company.

You should also

A surefire way to reach a new and target audience: support your Instagram strategy with an advertising budget. Instagram offers a whole range of advertising options, each of which pays for a specific business goal: increasing brand awareness, website traffic, sales or app downloads. In our blog post you will learn everything you need to know about advertising on this platform.

And that was it again. We can end our experiment and abandon the Instagram account aptly named 's Useless Strategy.

But what cruel fate awaits this account?

Perhaps an Instagram bot will take over and use it to undermine the credibility of another misguided marketing expert just because the poor guy wanted to succeed on social media. Sad.

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