Twitter has made hashtags what they are today. On Instagram, hashtags are also a staple. Now moves YouTube hashtags .

YouTube hashtags for searching

YouTube hashtags can be used in two ways, giving both YouTubers and businesses more options than, say, Twitter.

If YouTube hashtags are placed in the title, they are linked there and are recognized by YouTube. This offers advantages for the search, but also offers subscribers an additional jump-off option. There are quite a few of them on YouTube.

The second option for using YouTube hashtags may be better on a case-by-case basis, as the title really remains the title and does not serve as a link to related videos. YouTube pulls the first three hashtags from the video description and displays them above the video. So consider carefully which hashtags are chosen for the first three positions.

The principle is otherwise identical to hashtags in other social networks and always works in two directions. Using hashtags, people can find your YouTube videos, and using the hashtags above your video, they can access other videos. The benefits should outweigh the costs.

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YouTube Hashtags: More visibility for hashtags in videos and in search. Instamer

YouTube doesn't need to explain the new display of its hashtags. The way it works is well known. YouTube is already a gigantic search engine and has content on every conceivable topic. The more prominent presentation of the hashtags could increase the length of time spent and the number of videos played. However, it could also cause people to jump off faster in some videos, as clicking on hashtags is learned.

If you use your brand hashtags, hashtags to a channel, or hashtags to a series, people can find related content directly through the hashtag. Like on Instagram, the hashtags are designed to draw people's attention to other content of their own. Also,

Different search results on YouTube

Display regular search results on YouTube

Display search results with YouTube hashtags

Searching for the term recipes on YouTube, for example, yields nearly 700,000 results. If the hashtag is put in front of recipes, there are currently only 308 videos. That is sure to change quickly, but those who integrate YouTube hashtags directly into their videos could benefit from lower competition in search.

The results of YouTube hashtags are divided by top videos and latest videos. We know this approach from Instagram and it will again be about placing itself in the top videos with its content.

Too many hashtags are ignored by YouTube

Like Instagram, YouTube has defined a maximum number of hashtags. But dealing with hashtag spam is more rigorous than on Instagram. If more than 15 hashtags are used on YouTube, all are no longer active and are ignored by YouTube. YouTube even reserves the right to block videos based only on the number of hashtags used. Spammers should have a harder time than on other platforms.

Furthermore, YouTube does not like using misleading hashtags. This refers to hashtags that have nothing to do with the content of the video. Here we are curious to see how YouTube intends to implement this. If you follow hashtags on Instagram, you will always find content here that has nothing to do with the hashtag. Or very far away.

Hashtags are well established on Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is falling off a bit with hashtags. Since search plays a much larger role on YouTube than on Facebook, hashtags should quickly gain more importance here.

YouTube Hashtags: More visibility for hashtags in videos and in search. Instamer YouTube Hashtags: More visibility for hashtags in videos and in search. Instamer