from 0.62 $ / 100
from 0.42 $ / 100
less than 0.01 $ / 100

Step 1: select quality

0.64 cents
0.42 cents
1.63 cents
0.75 cents
3.28 cents
2.18 cents
8.34 cents
4.16 cents

Step 2: select posts

+ load more

Step 3: change amount

followers: + +
will be 
likes: + +
on each chosen post
views: will be added automatically to all chosen posts, that have video. Amount of views = amount of likes
for 4.99 $
for 9.99 $
for 19.99 $
for 39.99 $
for 69.99 $
for 99.99 $
for 149.99 $
for 199.99 $
for 299.99 $

Step 4: pay your order

- choose payment method (optional)

plastic card
Apple Pay
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phone balance
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Samsung Pay
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Total = $
Due to russian laws we must charge you in russian rubles (1$ ≈ 79.0Р) . Summing it up:
$ × 79.0 = Р
Pay $
By paying you accept User agreement
× cents = $
× post × cents = $
× post × cents = $



Worry free algorithm

We deal with many SMM providers and for each order choose the best. In comparison to other sites (with tons of same services, some of them even may not work) - we have tried all the services and know which are good and working.


How much does it cost?

We have variety of options. The cheapest one is starting from 0.42$ for 100 likes. We also have real likes for 2.18$.

How to make an order?

It's really easy. Just 1) enter you IG here 2) select posts and number of likes 3) pay. Thats’ it!

I have a private profile, what should I do?

We only able to add likes to public profiles, as it’s impossible for us to get your posts, if you have private one. The only one solution for you is to open profile, make an order, wait for its completion and make it private again.

The likes won't disappear?

Instagram is really fighting against services, like us. And in April some of likes were discounted. But after that we’ve tried every service from our providers and have chosen only those, that are not discounted.

What payment options do you have?

You can pay with Visa / Mastercard, ApplePay, Yandex Money, QIWI, Webmoney, MTS, Beeline

How much time will it take?

Our main goal is to provide the high quality service and be confident, that Instagram won’t block you. So the order usually starts in 15 minutes and goes with speed ~100-200 likes per hour.

Is it confidential?

Yep, absolutely. Nobody will know, that you are making orders in our service.