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🧿Isabella Khair Hadid🫀🕊🔅🔆 Palestinian & Dutch @kineuphorics @cybellaxyz @chromeheartsxbella
Birthday: October 9
Age: 26
Last parsed: 17 h 30 m ago.
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Posted 12/30/2022
Dearest Vivienne Queen of punk From the first day I met you to the last day I saw you, you made me smile , listen, learn and love more than the day before. I will forever be grateful to have been in your orbit , because to me and most , in fashion & in humanity, you, Vivienne, were the sun. To the coolest, most fun, incredible , humble, creative , badass, intelligent, fucking EPIC human being that has walked this earth… my inspiration and idol in all things … rest in love and Rest In Peace…🕊 I will miss you I’m sending my love to dear Andreas and the entire family… she was loved by so many… 🤍
Posted 6/15/2022
This scene is from a film by Mai Masri , ' titled “Children of Shatila “( Lebanon , 1998 ) In this scene , the youth of the Palestinian refugee camp interview their Palestinian elders. Found by @landpalestine Tears in my eyes watching this scene on my way to work this morning….. Everyday I wish I could go back in time, to when I was a child, so that I could start fighting for Palestine sooner. for my family , for my elders, our history and for the people of Palestine still living , now , through this treacherous, exhausting and painful occupation. Everyday I wish we could have fulfilled my Jido and Teta’s (grandpa and grandma’s ) last dying wishes to be buried in their homeland , where they were born, raised and started their family together. Most of my friends parents and grandparents alike. Palestinians still to this day, do not have the right to return to Palestine. No matter the circumstances. Once they are violently kicked out of their homes by the Israeli government , they become refugees to neighboring countries , never EVER being allowed to return back…. This has been happening for 74 years . Still to this day, it happens like clockwork. Ben Gurion once said “the old will die , and the young will forget (Palestine)” I have a promise to make. I will never allow anyone to forget about our beautiful Palestine, or our beautiful people.
Posted 3/22/2023
Ramadan Mubarak to all I wish the most peaceful month ahead ☪️ 🫶🏼🤲🏽🫶🏼 Graphic by @muslim 🤍
Posted 3/22/2023
@kineuphorics x @stantonsocialprime x @caesarspalace x @taogrouphospitality 🫶🏼 Epic menu and food by the one and only @santoscooks 🥩🍔🍝🥷 Thanks @jasonstrauss @pavan @noahtepperberg ! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen! Dreams come true! Let’s go Vegas x @kineuphorics ! So proud it’s crazy ..!! @jenofkin 🧚🏼‍♀️🫶🏼 Photos byThee @yasminediba ❤️🧚🏼‍♀️❤️
Posted 3/22/2023
New Louis Vuitton @louisvuitton by #StevenMeisel Styled by @carineroitfeld 🤍 @lamarquisette
Posted 3/21/2023
5mo 🚫 🍸🍾🍷 🫡 #🥹
Posted 3/21/2023
On the way to celebrate our new @kineuphorics partnership with Caesars Palace, introducing our functional beverages to this iconic Vegas hotel! We are so excited to announce that Kin will be available and stocked throughout the minibars/in-rooms and across all 6 towers, pools, bars, restaurants, and lounges including the world-famous Omnia nightclub!!!! I am so excited!! Thank you @caesarspalace and @taogrouphospitality ! There was something, among many other things of course , that @jenofkin and I always agreed on. We never wanted to ostracize anyone from access to brain care and an opportunity to discover Wellness in a new way. We wanted to make sure that we were available to not only the health and wellness communities worldwide, but genuinely passionate about different communities ability to access & utilize the benefits of @kineuphorics in any field or place that they were in. We want music listeners, DJs, dancers, clubbers, ravers, musicians, eaters, drinkers, sober ragers to use kin as part of their lifestyle. Whether it’s to drink spritz to rage all night (with alcohol or not) actual sunshine for your hangover, light wave to come down, or Bloom for a little something extra 🌸 we have a drink for you….The same way we want the business, tech, entrepreneurs to try us. The same way we want health,wellness, artists, naturalists, athletes, mothers , fathers, students , teachers, doctors, to try us.. We really want the world of Vegas to try us and let us know how you feel! We want Kin to be used at all times of the day, with or without alcohol, whenever/whatever you need to stay healthy, uplifted, energetic and able to party on. Vegas is the place we new we had to be. People that know how to have fun, that also deserve to feel good while doing it ! Thank you @caesarspalace & @taogrouphospitality for an amazing stay, great staff and great food!
Posted 3/14/2023
Posted 3/8/2023
@michaelkors #MichaelKors
Posted 3/7/2023
Posted 3/5/2023
Posted 3/5/2023
Grateful 🤍 @charlottetilbury 🤍 @kegrand @sydhayeshair @sofiatilbury @josephthorntonallan @yasminediba 🫂🦋🫂
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