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Girl from the South Side and former First Lady. Wife, mother, dog lover. Always hugger-in-chief. #TheLightWeCarry
Birthday: January 17
Age: 60
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Posted 3/7/2023
I am excited to share that The Light Podcast from @HigherGroundMedia comes out tomorrow on @Audible! I’ll be joined by some of my closest friends to talk about overcoming fear, building strong relationships, kindling the light within ourselves, and so much more. It meant a lot to me to work on this podcast, and I hope it helps you see your light in a new way and inspires you to share it with others. Click the link in my bio to follow and listen tomorrow! #TheLightxAudible
Posted 3/14/2023
I’m excited to share #TheLightWeCarry merch with all of you! Check out the MichelleObamaBooks.store (link in bio!) for everything from shirts, hoodies, beanies, and more. Snap a picture of what you get! Can’t wait to see you rocking it. ✨
Posted 3/17/2023
In my book, #TheLightWeCarry, I share the story of a young Stacey Abrams and her experience almost being denied an opportunity she worked so hard to earn. Now many of you know her as a voting rights activist, politician, and author. But back in 1991, Stacey was the valedictorian of her high school class and was invited to join other valedictorians from around Georgia for an afternoon reception at the governor’s mansion in Atlanta to celebrate their success as students. When she arrived with her parents, Abrams says she walked partway up the driveway and was stopped by a security guard, who took one look at them and said, “This is a private event. You don't belong here.” The message was familiar: I don’t see you as being entitled to what you have. Thankfully, Stacey Abrams’ parents would have none of that nonsense. Her mother, she recalls, gripped her arm to stop her from turning and running back to the bus. Her father started arguing with the guard. They did eventually make it into the reception—after the man found Stacey's name at the very top of the alphabetized guest list. I share this story as a reminder for us to look at the way our words and actions impact others. Lucky for us, Stacey continued to persist in the years that followed—breaking barriers, opening doors for others along the way, and inspiring many who hope to follow in her footsteps. We’re so lucky you never gave up, Stacey! #WomensHistoryMonth Photo Credit: Kevin Lowery
Posted 3/15/2023
It’s almost that time of year again: College Signing Day! I can’t wait to celebrate students across the country who have decided to pursue higher education—whether at a community college, trade school, university, or the military. If you’re a teacher or school counselor, go to CollegeSigningDay.org to find all the resources you need to throw your own College Signing Day for your students. And for all the students out there, I’m so proud of you for all your hard work to make it to this point. As you start to make your decisions, make sure to use #CollegeSigningDay in your posts so that we can celebrate you! 🎉
Posted 3/15/2023
For more than 26 years, @Oprah has been celebrating the magic of books and has built an amazing community of readers—and I’m lucky my own memoir is a part of it! Oprah, congratulations on your 100th @OprahsBookClub selection, Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano! I can’t wait to read it. 📚
Posted 3/14/2023
I can’t wait for you to hear the latest episode of The Light Podcast with @TylerPerry. We talk about resilience, the power of healing, and what it means to keep your light shining even in the face of adversity. We all have moments where we get knocked down and have to channel our inner strength. I’d like to hear about yours, too. Tell me about yours in the comments, and make sure to listen to this week’s episode now on @Audible at the link in my bio—I hope you are all as moved by this episode as I was. #TheLightxAudible
Posted 3/10/2023
I believe that there is a light inside each of us—and that we have to work our hardest to kindle it and share it with the world. Join me and some special guests as we have conversations on topics we care about on my new @HigherGroundMedia podcast, The Light Podcast on @Audible. We’ll be releasing new episodes every Tuesday. Listen to the first episode with Hoda Kotb at the link in my bio. If you’ve already listened, tell me what part resonated with you the most in the comments! #TheLightxAudible
Posted 3/8/2023
This #InternationalWomensDay, I’m thinking of girls like Miriam. When Miriam was just 11 years old, she learned that her family had made the decision for her to get married. Miriam’s family had fallen on hard times, and they needed the dowry that would come from her marriage. Growing up in Kenya, Miriam had seen some of her friends marry as teenagers and then drop out of school. She was worried she’d follow the same path. But with the help of @KakenyasDream—a remarkable organization that we support through the @GirlsOpportunityAlliance at the @ObamaFoundation—Miriam was able to enroll in school and graduate. And when she eventually married and started a family, the decision was her own. Stories like Miriam’s highlight why child marriage remains one of the greatest threats to girls’ education and empowerment worldwide. Each year, an estimated 12 million girls around the world are married under the age of 18 years old. As the data shows, marrying young has dire consequences: Child brides are more likely to leave school, experience violence, struggle to earn an income, have an unintended pregnancy, and suffer a miscarriage or die during pregnancy. And that’s why the Girls Opportunity Alliance, @ClooneyFoundationforJustice, @GatesFoundation, @GirlsNotBrides_, Girls First Fund, and @VOWforgirls are coming together to help end child marriage. I hope you’ll read my piece with Amal Clooney and @MelindaFrenchGates in @TIME to learn more about this critical issue—and then take action at the link in my bio to support girls like Miriam all over the world.
Posted 3/7/2023
Listen to my first episode of @HigherGroundMedia’s The Light Podcast now on @Audible! In this episode, the dazzling @HodaKotb and I talk about this idea of light, which is not just the title of this podcast and my book—it’s fundamental to how I see the world. I believe that everyone has a light inside them. Sometimes it’s a steady flame, while other times, it’s a tiny little glimmer. And at other moments, it’s a raging fire. Hoda and I discuss the importance of this light, practicing kindness, overcoming self-doubt, parenting, and more. Click the link in my bio to listen to the first episode of The Light Podcast today on Audible. #TheLightxAudible
Posted 3/5/2023
Judy Heumann dedicated her life to the fight for civil rights—starting as a young organizer at Camp Jened and later helping lead the disability rights movement. Michelle and I were fortunate to work with Judy over the years, and are thinking of her family and friends. [Image description: A black and white photo of Judy Heumann. In the photo, she has short, chin-length hair and octagon-shaped metal glasses and is speaking into a microphone while seated in a manual push wheelchair. She is wearing a coat with a large button pin with words that read “SIGN 504” in very large block letters and “HUMAN RIGHTS ACCD” in smaller block letters.]
Posted 3/3/2023
I believe wholeheartedly in the power of storytelling to bring us closer together. Because when we share our stories with honesty and fullness, we discover that we’re more connected than we might have assumed—we find that we’re not alone. This #WomensHistoryMonth, I’ll be sharing the stories of inspiring women who have changed the world around us — including some that I wrote about in #TheLightWeCarry. And I hope you’ll join me. I want to hear about the women who have inspired you, too.
Posted 3/1/2023
I wouldn't be who I am today without the strong women in my life—my mom, my daughters, my girlfriends. They inspire me every day. This #WomensHistoryMonth, let’s celebrate the women in our lives who encourage us to be our best. Tag someone who inspires you and let them know how much they mean to you.
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We do not bear any responsibility for the content of accounts that are published on our portal. The owners of these social media accounts are fully responsible for their content.