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min: 50
max: 100000
Choose the quality
If you just need to increase numbers. Speed is ~500 per hour. Different countries, some users have avatars. ⚡️There is a 30-day warranty for followers with autorefill. Views speed is ~3k per hour.
Enter link
Followers for public group / public channel. Need a link to a group / channel (i.e. t.me/my_group)
Promotion won't work on private accounts. If it's private - please make your account public first. Otherwise the order will be canceled.
Bonus for promotion :  -
Final : 0 $
During our promotion Telegram doesn’t ban your account, but if it does - we won’t be responsible for that. Also if your account got blocked, we won’t be responsible for that. That’s because we couldn’t know in advance all possible Telegram updates (against promotion) and modify our algorithms to cope with them.


How to buy Telegram followers?

It's really simple: 1) insert a link to your telegram group / channel above 2) specify how many followers you need. 3) pay for your order.

May I got banned?

Unfortunately, yes. Every promotion violates Telegram TOS. Though we don't aware of any such cases.

My Telegram group / channel is private. Can I buy followers?

No. The only way to promote such groups / channels is to make them public for the duration of a promotion.

Can I add views to the post?

Yes! The only requirement is a channel being public.

What makes you better than other similar services for TG promotion?

Well we test every option that we have (that's why we don't have many). On the other hand other websites have lots of options, but barely some work.