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During our promotion Instagram doesn’t ban your account, but if it will - we won’t be responsible for that. Also If your account got blocked, we won’t be responsible for that. That’s because we couldn’t know in advantage all possible Instagram updates (against promotion) and modify our algorithms to cope them.


What options do you have?

Among other options we have real followers one. The downside of that - they can unsubscribe at any moment.

How to buy TikTok followers

It's really easy: 1) Type your TikTok login right here. 2) Specify how much followers, views and likes do you need. 3) Pay. 4) Wait

May I got banned?

Unfortunately, yes. Every promotion may violate TikTok TOS. We do our best to eliminate such possibility, but it's still may be the case.

My TikTok account is private. Can I buy followers?

Yes, absolutely. Keep in mind that we won't be ablr to add likes and views to your profile tho. Only followers.

What makes you better than other similar services?

We made a friendly UI. In particular you don't need to insert a link to every post manually. All you need to do is specify your TikTok nickname and that's it. We will fetch all the other info automatically.

If I buy new followers for my TikTok, in what time frames will the order be completed?

The promotion should start within 4 hours after the payment. Sometimes due to TikTok update we may have delays. In case if your order hasn't been started in 36 hours after your paid for it - please contact us right away @instamer . We will make sure you receive all the amouns you ordered and provide 10% of new followers free of charge.